Beachcomber’s Retreat & Return!

Are you looking for new ways to approach a better version of yourself? Do you need time to gain clarity on your life so far? Would you like to see how time on the beach will manifest into the art you will create here?

Find balance between solitude and communion in beach living.  Spend a week near the ocean and let me be your guide for finding treasures on the shores of Topsail Island, and deep within the recesses of your soul.  

Inspired by the book Gift from the Sea by Anne Morrow Lindbergh, this week long island retreat on the coast of North Carolina will inspire you to find inner tranquility and your creative spirit.

Geared towards both men and women, we will make time for contemplative walks on the beach and wrestle with our patience as we begin the journey of discovering what it means to “lie empty, open, choiceless as a beach-waiting for a gift from the sea.”

Each beachcomber will receive a copy of Gift from the Sea, written more than 50 years ago, but even more relevant for our busy lives today.  Along with group discussions, I have created a number of workshops to accompany the many themes of marriage/partnership, friends, coming of age, individualism, and spiritual fulfillment.

Throughout the days, you will have time to rest, play and best of all CREATE!  New techniques in painting, collage and crafts will be introduced. It is here that Ravenworks Studio provides you with ample space and studio time to help you harness your creative spirit! Even if you are person that proclaims:  “I’m not creative” I will be there every step of the way to unearth that creative person that is itching to get out! Our mission is: Inspiration, Growth and Confidence in an Artists’ Seaside Retreat.


What each Beachcomber gets at Ravenworks Studio:

  • A shared house with modern amenities at the beach! Short walks to the sound and ocean bring serenity anytime you want. You will have your own room and share bathrooms but the house will be a place of respite and a place to gather with other like-minded creatives.

  • 24/7 access to Ravenworks Studio for coveted studio time and to the home of your hosts Rob and Leslie Campbell where you will have additional venues to gather and create.

  • Breakfast, lunch & dinner with locally sourced ingredients to keep you nourished on your island adventure.  Non-alcoholic beverages will be provided but you may purchase wine, beer and spirits at nearby stores as desire.

  • Instructions and demonstrations on new art techniques and crafts to help make sense of new feelings and thoughts from your readings and beachcombing.  We will begin each day with questions and discussions on parts of the book.

  • Some supplies to get you started on your artful island adventure.

  • Day trip to local shops and restaurants.

  • Pickup from ILM Airport if needed

  • A copy of Gift from the Sea by Anne Morrow Lindbergh

  • A blank art journal

  • New friendships and a renewed sense of self as we examine silence and the treasures gained from solitude.  Learn what it means to truly unplug and simplify your life. Discover the lasting effects of what this island life selects for you as you navigate the gift of time and patience.



March 2-9

March 9-16

March 16-23

March 23-30


$1050.00 room, meals, and supplies included.

For more details on the spaces and accommodations please check out the full Artist Retreat page: