About Me

I love Ravens. They are clever, resourceful, playful and very adaptable. A friend compared me to a Raven one day and I embraced it. Ravenworks Studio was born and has moved around with me for 27 years as a military spouse. The military life fostered an independence in me I never knew I had and opened my eyes to a world full of rich culture and interesting people. Now that my husband is retired, we live on the coast of North Carolina in our “forever home” where I have an art studio I’ve always dreamed about. I have a loving, supportive husband (Rob), two grown sons (Robbie and Louden), two cats (Piper and Taystee), and a black Lab puppy named Duncan. 

My Art

I  use my memories from some incredible duty assignments to help tell stories of strong, beautiful people. My hope is that my art will challenge others to find their “inner raven” and inspire them to see the beauty and strength they have, recognize it in others, and in the world around them.

My passion is Analog Collage: (from the French: coller, "to glue") a technique of an art production, primarily used in the visual arts, where the artwork is made from an assemblage of different forms, thus creating a new whole. I use acrylic paint, inks, pastels, charcoal, watercolors and pull from stacks of magazines and old books. Assemblage art is another love of mine: it is an artistic form or medium created on a substrate that consists of three dimensional objects. For my assemblage art, I collect found shiny objects just like the Raven, on my beach walks and hikes through the woods.


Leslie Campbell (b. 1968, Savannah, GA)

Ravenworksstudio.net / ravenworks68@gmail.com / 484-888-1850


2015 - Solo Show/The Path-Downtown Artists Coop, Clarksville, TN

2014 - Solo Show/Goddesses-Gateway Medical Center, Clarksville, TN

2014 - Group Show/Summer Goddesses-Downtown Artists Coop, Clarksville, TN

2014 - Solo Show/Strength & Confidence-Canyon Road, Clarksville, TN

2013 - Group Show/Vinyl Album Art Show-Metropolis Art Gallery, Mechanicsburg, PA


Urban Ministries-Clarksville, TN

Works held in private collections in the United States & Germany

Chateau Orquevaux, France-Permanent Collection 


Guest Workshop Instructor-Hopkinsville Art Guild, Hopkinsville, KY


Clarksville Downtown Artists Co-op presents Leslie Campbell and Steven Walker, May 7th-30th 2015

Curatorial Projects:

Celebration of the Arts-Hohenfels, Germany


Tour D’Art Fine Arts Exhibit-First Place Mixed Media-River Fest Clarksville, TN 2014

Artist in Residence-Chateau Orquevaux, France/June 2018

A-i-R Grant-Chateau Orquevaux, France-Artist Residency